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"I used to have very bad neck aches and headaches, acupuncture has improved my conditions greatly. No more panadol!"

Kathy Su, Accounts Exec.
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Patient's Testimonials


Tinnitus Testimonials:

I have tinnitus for around a few years and despite of taking chinese herbs for 2 years the problem doesnt go away at all. I stumbled upon Dr Gow website and decided to give it a try at her clinic and after around 8 sessions of acupuncture and chinese med given by her my condition has improved around 40%! I still continuing to seek treatment from Dr Gow and hopefully I will get well soon. Thanks to Dr Gow!

Mr Tan
Self employed


Weight Loss Testimonial:

Weight loss- I have been to severals prestigious beauty centres for slimming and had spent a around 7-8k but I didnt seem to lose any weight at all. After 10 sessions with Dr Gow I have managed to lose around 5 kg and I am still continuing my 2nd package with her and I have lost arpund 6.4 kg so far and lost around 6 inches at my waist line.

Admin. officer


Erectile Dyfunction (ED) Testimonial:

I have low male hormones level and having ED for around 2 years. After around 5-6 months treatment with Dr Gow I am around 80% recovered.

Mr Kim, Odd job worker.


Low Sex Drive & ED Testimonial:

I have ED, low sex drive and is not interested in sex at all. Also, I am having pre-mature ejeculation problem. After seeking Dr Gow for around half a year, I realised that I have the interest in sexual activities again and my ED conditon has also improved. Thanks to Dr Gow. I am still continuing to seek treatment from her and hopefully my condition will be rectified.

Mr Sng, Sales executive.

I have pre-mature ejeculation problem and also having backaches and wet dreams very often. After seeking treatment from Dr Gow for a few sessions my backaches and wet dreams have greatly reduced!

Mr. Chan, Officer.


Eczema Testimonial:

I have sudden ourburst of eczema after coming back from a holiday in a cold country. I have seek treatment from a Chinese Physician and after 6 months of treatment, it did improve abit and not totally rectified yet. Then I happened to come across Dr Gow website in the internet and decided to give it a try. After a few sessions with Dr Gow, my condition improved alot and I am totally recovered now after seeing her for a few months.

Mr. Ong, Retired.


Persistent Fever Testimonial

I have this persistent fever for 2 weeks and the temperature keeps going up n down. After on medication prescribed by Dr Gow for 2 weeks I am totally recovered now.

Miss Goh, Housewife.


Persistent Cough Testimonial:

I have this persistent cough for around few months and non of the western medicine can help me. After taking the chinese herbs from Dr Gow for few weeks my cough has stop completely!

Mdm. Wong, Housewife.

Sciatic Pain Testimonial:

I have sciatic pain for many years and I had been to many western and chinese doctors but none can help my condition. My pain is very intense and serious. I need to sit down to take a rest after walking for less than even 5 minutes. After seeking treatment from Dr Gow for almost a year, my pain has stopped completely.

Mdm. Teo, Housewife.

Pakinson's Disease Testimonial:

I have pakinson disease. Although the western medicine helps to control my trembling but one side of my hand and both my legs feel very weak and still trembles abit every now and then. After having acupuncture and chinese herbs from Dr Gow, my hand and legs have been more strengthen. I used to have trouble frying food and even taking out coins from my purse and I even have to drag my legs to walk. After a few months with Dr Gow, my hand and legs are much more agile now. Thanks to Dr Gow.

Mdm Goh, Housewife.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Testimonial

I have IBS for many years and I need to keep going on the runs everyday for a few times. Its very inconveninent for me esp. i need to travel for my job quite often. After seeing Dr Gow for a few months, I have fully recovered.

Jeremy Tan, Manager.

Cancer's Patient Testimonial

I am a patient of cancer and I seek help from Dr Gow. She recommended me some health products called Cryptomonadales and PPARs and its really amazing! My cancer cells have greatly reduced and my blood counts are near to normal now. My appetite is better now and I dont feel so tired anymore and most importantly, I am no longer in great pain. No doubts the products are quite expensive but I really think it is really worth it because no money can buy health. Many thanks to Dr Gow!

Mr. Tay, IT Consultant.

Saggy Breast Testimonial

I used to have very saggy busts. After 8 to 10 sessions with Dr Gow, my busts have been lifted up and it looks more firm now and also it looks abit bigger.

Miss Chen, Clerk.

Hair Loss Testimonial

I have hair loss for 2-3 years. I drop about 70 to 80 strands of hair everyday whenever I shampoo or comb my hair. After seeing Dr Gow for about 6 to 8 months, my hair loss has reduced to 10 over to 20 strands, currently only 5 to 10 strands of hair. However,I realised whenever I have late nights I will have more hair dropping out, but if I turn in early then I will be fine. I also had a fall and had a slight fractured on my arms and after some physio therapy, it improved abit. Then Dr Gow is so kind to give me a few needles on my arms for free and I realised that my agileness of my arms improved much faster. Even the physio therapies doctor also commented that my improvement is very fast.

Mr You, Lecturer.


Acne/Oily Skin Testimonial

I have very severe acne all over my face and with lotsa pus. Every time when I look into the mirror it was so horrible and I really felt like crying. After the first session of treatment from Dr Gow I have seen slight improvement and after around 2 months of treatment, my face is totally clean now except for 3 to 5 acne here n there. Before the treatment, I usually will have outbreak of acne but after I have consulted Dr Gow I dont have any more outbreak during my PMS and period. Thanks so much to Dr Gow. You are really amazing!

Mehryn, Pakistonist, Student.

Bust Firming Enhancement Testimonial

I used to have bust size cup B and after 10 sessions of treatment with Dr Gow, my bust size has increased by half a cup. Thanks alot to Dr Gow.

Miss Wong, Executive.

My mum is 71 year old now and has saggy busts. After 6 sessions of treatment with me, her busts has actually been lifted up and look more firm now. Please see pics attachment for reference.

Mdm Teo, Hosewife.

Erectile Dyfunction:

I have hurt my spine about 7 years ago. Since then I can't perform any sexual activities anymore. Even taking viagra does not help at all. Ii have been to several tcm physicians but none of them could help my condition. Then I found Physicain Gow on the internet ann decided to consult her for help. After about 3 1/2 months treatment, I have totally recovered.

Thanks to Physician Gow!

Mr Wong, Engineer.


Neck Aches/ Headaces:

"I used to have very bad neck aches and headaches, acupuncture has improved my conditions greatly. No more panadol!"

Kathy Su, Accounts Exec.


Weight Loss Testimonials

"Due to my busy schedule, I can't take up acupuncture programme for my weight loss. I seek Chinese herbs which Physician Gow has prescribed specially for weight loss. It has controlled my big appetite for food, I took the herbs faithfully and I have lost 5kg so far."

Mui Ling, Architectural Assistant


Trigger Finger:

"I had a hard time bending my thumb, it was very painful. It has caused me agony as it has prevented me from doing housework. I went to see a GP, and he told me it's Trigger Finger and he said I may need an operation if it gets serious. I was mad upon hearing that such problem had to undergo surgical. I seek acupuncture instead. After 8 sessions of acupuncture by Physician Gow, my thumb can bend normally without any pain. I was so happy!"

Madam Lee, Housewife

(Western Way of treating Trigger Finger)

Digestive & Gastric Problems:

"My bad gastric & bloated stomach problems started since my school days. I was introduced to Traditional Chinese Medicine by a friend, and since then my digestive system has improved and I can enjoy some foods which previously I had to avoid. "

Rachel Koh, Digital Media Trainer
Blocked Nose:

"Western medication can't stop the root of my blocked nose problem, hence I decided to try acupuncture. Gradually after 3 months of treatments, my nose block symptoms has reduced!"

Jane, Marketing Executive
Hair Loss Problem:

"I seek Hair Specialist and spent 7-8K, but there isn't any improvement on my hair loss problem. I was recommended to consult Physician Gow by a friend. I was given solution to apply on my hair loss area and acupuncture. After about 1 year, my hair loss condition improved alot."

Samual Ang, Gym Instructor
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