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"My bad gastric & bloated stomach problems started since my school days. I was introduced to Traditional Chinese Medicine by a friend, and since then my digestive system has improved and I can enjoy some foods which previously I had to avoid. "

Rachel Koh, Digital Media Trainer
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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine, in short is generally known as TCM. Chinese medicine (Chinese :中药学) or traditional oriental medicine, is the name commonly given to a range of traditional medical practices used in China that have developed over the course of several thousand years of history.

A 3,000-year-old medical system which consist the use of chinese herbs, acupuncture, massage, cupping and therapeutic exercise. Chinese physicians look out the root of a medical problem using the "yin" and "yang" theory, knowing the imbalance of "yin" and "yang" in the human body will leads to disharmony of "qi" energy in the body.

All our chinese medicines are Manufactured in Singapore (GMP Certified) and Allowed for sales as a Chinese Proprietary Medicine

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