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"I have been smoking for more than 5 years. Last year I tried to quit my smoking habits for health reasons but always failed to do so! With some encouragement from family, I decided to go for acupuncture to stop my smoking habits. To my amaze after 4 sessions of acupuncture, the urge to light up a cigarette has reduced! Acupuncture and some will-power indeed helped!"

Isabel. Ho, Engineering Assistant
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Quit Smoking Acupuncture

Within 3-5 sessions of Acupuncture done by a Licensed Physician, you will slowly see the urge to reduce your smoking habits and eventually quit it. Acupuncture to quit your smoking habits is an effective and safe way for many patients. Sometimes, chinese herbs are prescribed on an individual basis. Acupuncture will not "do it" for you if you do not have the genuine desire to quit smoking. Everyone will respond to acupuncture and quitting smoking differently. Some may encounter little or no problems, while others may have a harder time with withdrawal.

Physician Gow helped many patients in curbing their urge to smoke. If you are serious to kick start a smoke-free healthy life for the sake of yourself and your love ones, check out the Quit Smoking Acupuncture package, contact us today!