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Featured TCM Testimonials

Success Stories from patients using Dr PPARS

Hair Loss Testimonial
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2013 Testimonial

case 1. I have been having hyperthyroid for many years and despite taking western med. could not bring down my thyroid to normal level. After seeing Dr. Gow for 2-3 months my thyroid level has been kept under controlled and the swelling of my neck has been reduced to much smaller size!. Many thanks to Dr Gow!
Miss Tan. Counseller. 25 y/o.

Case 2. I have been having hyperthyroid for many years n also despite taking western help it doesn't seem to help n doctor also told me its very difficult for me to conceive. After taking Dr Gow medicine for few months, my thyroid level has gone down to normal level and I got pregnant after about a year's time. Thanks to Dr gow!
Miss Chia. 30+ y/o . Adminstrator.

Case 3. I had been having Erectile dysfunction for almost 10 over years also accomplished by pre matured ejaculation( P.E. ) Despite seeing a few sin seng it doesn't seem to see much results. After seeing Dr Gow for a few times, my sex life has been improved and could perform for a much longer time. Im still continuing to see Dr Gow.

Mr Chan. 34 y/o. Self employed.

Case 4. I have been having high blood pressure, high sugar level at 6.3 and high cholesterol. After taking Dr Gow's medicine n also health supplement called Dr PPARS, my blood pressure is under controlled n blood sugar has gone down to 5.7 in a few weeks time. And I feel less tired and no more having to pass motion a few times per day. Im still seeing Dr Gow and hope my health will improve even more in time. Many thanks to Dr Gow.

Mdm. Wong. Officer. 56y/o.


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Breast Firming Enhancement Testimonial

(View Testimonial Bust Enhancement Photos)
I used to have very saggy busts. After 8 to 10 sessions with Dr Gow, my busts have been lifted up and it looks more firm now and also it looks abit bigger.

Miss Chen, Clerk.

I used to have bust size cup B and after 10 sessions of treatment with Dr Gow, my bust size has increased by half a cup. Thanks alot to Physician Gow.

Miss Wong, Executive.

My mum is 71 year old now and has saggy busts. After 6 sessions of treatment with me, her busts has actually been lifted up and look more firm now. Please see pics attachment for reference. Thanks Physician Gow.)

Mdm Teo, Hosewife.

Pakinson's Disease Testimonial:

I have pakinson disease. Although the western medicine helps to control my trembling but one side of my hand and both my legs feel very weak and still trembles abit every now and then. After having acupuncture and chinese herbs from Dr Gow, my hand and legs have been more strengthen. I used to have trouble frying food and even taking out coins from my purse and I even have to drag my legs to walk. After a few months with Dr Gow, my hand and legs are much more agile now. Thanks to Physician Gow.

Mdm Goh, Housewife.

Quit Smoking Testimonial

I was smoking about 30 cigerettes a day and decided to find somebody able to help me to stop. I found Physician Gow on the internet, get two appointments and stop smoking after the second session.
Georgs Tezier

(Georgs, a Frenchman who came to Singapore on a business trip, he was so helpful in providing a testimonial and allowing us to take a photo of him.)


Tinnitus Testimonial

I have tinnitus for about a few years and the ringing sound in both ears are loud. I seeked treatment from physician Gow and after around 2 months the sound stopped completely.

Lawrence Tay
IT Trainer

Eczema Testimonial

I have developed eczema for about 8 months. It was real bad. I have pus on my skin , it is scaly and very itchy. There is watery secretion as well on my eczema skin. I went to physician Gow for acupuncture treatment almost everyday and I took her chinese medicine. After about 1 and half months, the itch stopped with no more watery secretion. The disgusting scaly skin has turned into normal smooth skin, just that there were still some scars. Thanks to Physician Gow! She's simple great!

Mary Tan

Erectile dysfunction Testimonial

I have hurt my spine about 7 years ago. Since then I can't perform any sexual activities anymore. Even taking viagra does not help at all. I have been to several tcm physicians but none of them could help my condition. Then I found Physicain Gow on the internet ann decided to consult her for help. After about 3 1/2 months treatment, I have totally recovered.
Thanks to Physician Gow!

Mr Wong,


Weight Loss Testimonial

A 31 years old woman, before acupuncture, the weight is 67kg, after 16 times of acupuncture sessions, the weight drops to 59.9kg. A total lost of 7.3 kg.

Cindy Tan,

Erectile Dysfunction Testimonial

I have ED (Erectile dysfunction) problem for about 1 year plus...I did many research on the internet that Acupuncture and chinese herbs are effective for ED problem. I seek a reputable TCM Clinic near my place for about 3 months plus, it was quite costly and it seem that the physician there isn't helping me much. Hence I stopped going for more than 2 months. I search on the internet and found Decided to give it a try since the cost is pretty reasonable. About 4 sessions of acupuncture and chinese herbal pills given by Physician Gow, I saw improvement in my condition. Now my confidence level has improved.

anonymous patient, Student

Trigger Finger Testimonial

I have Trigger Thumb problem for about 2 years, I did a research and found that acupuncture can helps in my condition. Decided to give it a try and I faithfully went for acupuncture session for at least twice a week. Now my condition has improved alot.

Mr. Yeoh

Eczema Testimonial

"I have dry and itchy eczema problem for 8 years, I have seen one reputable TCM Clinic and Western doctor but my eczema problem still persists despite spending lots of money. A few consultation visits with Physician Gow has eased the itch and my eczema problem have improved."

Sharmila, Software Analyst

Backaches/Headaches Testimonial

"I used to have very bad neck aches and headaches, acupuncture has improved my conditions greatly. No more panadol!"

Kathy Su, Accounts Exec.

Knee Pain Testimonial

"I have never visited any Chinese Sinseh, all along I only consult Western Doctors for my illness. But I had a very bad knee problem which won't go away, so I decided to try acupuncture. Search online and found Since I stay in Jurong area, I decided to try out one session with Physician Gow. The subsequent days, I realised the pain in my knees has reduced and I was quite encouraged to go for more regular sessions. After 3 months, the pain in my knees has gone."

Suja, Self-employed

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Success Stories from patients using PPARs (Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptors)
This is really an Anti-Aging product, my skin is so smooth & beautiful, wrinkles have decreased, wow..this stuff really works.

M Hua, Engineer
I’m a businessman with no illness but my love is music & I play it as hobby with friends in a pub on certain days of the week, I find that Dr PPARs gives me that extra mileage.. My stamina has increased.

Ben, Part-Time Musician
Thanks to the Vit B12 in Dr PPARs , now I don’t have to worry if I don’t have it in my vegetarian diet

Ms Ann Tay, Organics Shop Owner
Dr PPARs has helped me tremendously with my Chemotherapy, I feel so much fitter every time I take Dr PPARs right before Chemo.

Helen, Cancer patient
"..being able eat the foods I desire but  controlling my blood sugar & fats levels
at the same time is unbelievable! I feel I have much more control of my destiny with Dr PPARs. Thanks to my doc’s recommendation"

Andy Tan, Diabetic
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Media Publication Timeout Magazine June 08
Media Publication Newspaper

Poke your fats away using acupuncture
Click to view Poke Your Flab Away using Acupuncture (PDF)

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About Physician Gow

Physician Esther Gow's father, a self-taught herbalist, has a big influence on Physician Gow to pursue TCM after she obtained her A Level in Singapore. She grew up watching her father treating relatives and friends using moxibustion and Traditional Chinese Medicine, this made her very determined and interested in learning to become a Registered TCM Physician. Nanjing University of TCM in China became her learning ground for 5 years. It is regarded as one of the Top 5 best TCM universities in China.

She was trained under various good and experienced TCM Doctors (Old Chinese Sinseh - 老中医) in China University campus and training hospitals from Year 1995 to 2000. Ever since she graduated with a Bachelor Degree in TCM, she has been practising in Singapore. Her patients came from all walks of life and nationalities. She is also volunteering in other locations like Johor Bahru, Malaysia as Volunteer TCM Physician.

Physician Gow has 13 years of experience, specialising in acupuncture and tcm for weight loss, hair loss, ect.

"this is a very satisfying job, I am able to help patients with their health conditions using acupuncture and chinese medicine" said Physician Gow 


TCM Medical Services by Lady TCM Physician
中医服务| 新加坡中医

tcm acupuncture weight loss 美容针灸
Weight Loss Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

tcm-services-anti-aging-facelift-acupunctureComestic Acupuncture/Facelift Acupuncture

tcm-services-laser-acupuncture Laser Acupuncture (Painless)

tcm-services-bust -firming Bust Firming & Bust Enhancement

tcm-services-butt-firming Butt Firming

tcm-services-traditonal-chinese-medicine Traditional Chinese Medicine

tcm-services-quit-smokingQuit Smoking Acupuncture

tcm-services-men- Erectile dysfunction-EDTCM or Acupuncture for Men Impotency Problem / Erectile dysfunction

tcm-services-traditional-cupping-massageCupping and Tuina(Chinese Massage)
火罐 推拿

 "Ear Candle Detox" only $15 per time! Package of $150 for 10x plus 1 time free!

Good for detoxing, tinnitus(ringing of the ear), improve the circulation of the head (good for relieving headache and stress and tension of the head ) and improve hearing ability.

Free Online Email/Live Consultation.
Consult Physician Gow if you are unsure or have questions on whether chinese medicine or acupuncture can treat your medical problem.

Latest News

  • Natural Chinese Herbal Mask available for sale. Effective for acne/pimple skin problem. Purging dirt and tightening of pores keeping your face radiant and smooth. (no chemical at all, it is made by pure chinese herbs) We have received some good feedbacks about this product:

    Jane Koh:
    It is my first time trying out a chinese herbal mask. I must say after using it, my face looks clean and smooth, pores are smaller too.
Contact Us for more information.

Traditional Chinese medicine and Acupuncture can help the following medical problems:

  • Acne (暗疮/粉刺)
  • Arthritis and Rheumatic Pain (关节炎/风湿)
  • Back Pain, Joints Pain,
    Muscle Pain (关节/腰背/肌肉 酸痛)
  • Corn and Callus (鸡眼)
  • Constipation (便秘)
  • Depression
  • Diabetics/Diabetes mellitus (糖尿病)
  • Eczema (湿疹)
  • Fibroid (纤维瘤)
  • Flu / Influenza
  • Frequent Urination (尿频)
  • Frozen Shoulder (肩周炎)
  • Gall Bladder Stones (胆结石)
  • Gastro-intestinal Disorders (肠胃不舒)
  • Gout (痛风)
  • Hair Loss / Hair Thinning (脱发)
  • Headaches & Migraine (头痛/偏头痛)
  • High Blood Pressure (高血压)
  • High cholesterol level (高胆固醇)
  • Low Sperm Count (精子稀少)
  • Infertility (不孕)
  • Impotent Problems for Men
  • Irregular Menstration & Cramps (月经不调/痛经)
  • Insomnia (矢眠)
  • Male Erectile dysfunction (Men having problems with erection during sexual sex)
  • Menopause (更年期)
  • Men's Erectile Dysfunction (不举)
  • Obesity / Weight Loss(肥胖)
  • Persistent Fever (Mao Dan) (毛丹)
  • Piles / Hemorrhoids (痔疮)
  • Proteinuria (蛋白尿)
  • Sciatica (坐骨神经痛)
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Sinus & Chronic Blocked Nose (鼻炎/鼻塞)
  • Sinustitis (鼻窦炎)
  • Sleeping Disorders
  • Slimming Acupuncture Services
  • Spondylosis (颈椎病)
  • Stroke (中风)
  • TCM Oncology
  • Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome (TDS)
  • Thyroid (甲状腺抗进)
  • Tinnitus (耳鸣)
  • Trigger Finger (板机指)
  • Urinary Tract Infection - UTI (尿道发炎)
  • Weight Loss for Ladies & Men
    and more...

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Official MC will be isssue upon request.

tcm-services-butt-firming- Ear Candle Detox $15 per treatment. Package $150 for 10 times + 1 time free!

Click here to read Success Stories from patients using PPARs

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Consultation Hours:

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Peak hours: 6.30pm - 9pm
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If you need to cancel any appointment made in advance, kindly call to cancel the appointment.

We appreciate if you can try to be punctual with your appointment to avoid causing longer waiting time for the next patient. We do understand at times, it is unavoidable :-) so please call to inform and check if your appointment need to be re-schedule (if you are going to be late for more than 20 mins).


TCM Acupuncture Photo

TCM Acupuncture Photo

TCM Acupuncture Photo

TCM Acupuncture Photo


Physician's Recommendation

Cordyceps Sinensis
100 Capsules

Cordyceps Sinensis Hyphas Mycelium is an excellent strengthening tonic for convalescing patients, and patients with reduced appetite, weak blood, weakened resistance of respiratory tract and susceptibility to colds or flu can take this product orally to strengthen resistance.

Traditional Use
This product is a powerful healer that invigorates the body's system by restoring and maintaining vitality, and strengthening the immune system. It can help relieve the symptoms of persistent cough, lumago knee pain, fatigue, emission, night sweat and weakness of the elderly or after illness.

Take 2 capsules, 2 times daily for general well-being

Take 2-4 capsules, 3 times daily for healing purposes.

Course of Use
These are general health supplements, you can take it long term or short term to improve your general health. It has no known side effects.

Good Feedbacks/Reviews
At this price you get 100 capsules, which I think is quite reasonable, I do consume other supplements, and I constantly take 2 capsules daily before meals. I see improvement especially when I climb up stairs, not that breathless anymore. I have

already recommend this product to my mother-in-law, and she has also good review about it. I highly recommend to those who has lungs problems and elderly! - Mrs. C